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Make it a Heritage Chic Wedding.

Southern bride and groom on the white front porch of Historic Hampton House 1908

Timeless with a nod from the past to inspire the present is what a heritage chic wedding is all about. We know the adage of adding 'something old' to your wedding, but it's hard to know where to start in a meaningful way. Lean into some history in a whole new way for your heritage chic wedding day by anchoring an era theme you both love to add character and personality that lasts.

Read on to learn how to put your own spin on 'something old' with these fresh ideas for heritage with a chic, new twist.

Heritage Chic wedding detail examples

Timing Timeless

The best way to start planning your Heritage Chic wedding is to develop a theme to build out and refine your ideas into a cohesive plan that's all your own, easy to execute, and, above all, timeless! Is there an era you absolutely love? Choose a favorite and then refine all the details that make it unique. Remember that a nod to your era is chic, and too many era-specific selections can add up to costumey quickly. Subtlety is best when picking a heritage theme and combining it with elements of your personality, plus "something new" equals a timeless celebration to remember forever.

Heritage Chic wedding inspiration details

Heritage Harmony

Discovering the little things you and your partner think would be cool is where the fun comes in as you refine your great ideas into executable plans. A time period and color theme are great anchors to align all your details with your wedding theme. Pinterest is the best resource for visually planning your ideas and gathering them together, from wedding invitations, guest favors, props, music, and more.

Heritage Chic wedding locations at Historic Hampton House 1908

Location Scout

Choose a location for your wedding that lends itself to taking nods from the past and building more of your theme ideas off of where you're hosting the big day. From original woodwork to heritage details, our Southern classic estate in the heart of the Upstate has three event spaces and a manicured garden to let your imagination run wild and bring the past into the present.

Heritage Chic wedding flowers

Budding Blooms

Flowers bring a wedding to life and are a gorgeous, seasonal, and colorful way to incorporate a time-period theme. Find out what blooms, bouquet styles, boutonnières, centerpieces, or colors were popular throughout the era you love to add to your modern interpretation floral plan. Your florist can help navigate the best choices like some of these from Greenville local talent Sweet June Floral Co.

Heritage Chic wedding inspiration images

Music Matters

It is key to have a soundtrack for your big day (and a cool memory to playback anytime!). An era theme will also make it memorable, timeless, and unique. Depending on your theme, you can even play off of your era by hiring a swing band or string quartet or gathering together some hits you love from that decade to incorporate into the playlist. Have fun pulling together songs you both love together with your DJ like Audiografs.

Heritage Chic inspired wedding dresses

Stressless Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is no small feat, so incorporating a theme into your criteria helps make this big decision more manageable. If your theme is from a specific era, seek out some details to ask for when shopping for a gown. Madison Carolina is a great local resource with knowledgeable staff and gorgeous gowns! Accessories are also a great place to incorporate a heritage theme with your veil, shoes, or jewelry.

Heritage Chic inspired wedding cake ideas

Serve Style

A wedding cake is one of the most essential pieces you (and your guests!) will remember about your wedding day. There are many ways to incorporate history into your cake design, whether with a vintage cake topper, heritage piping, decoration, antique serving set, or even vintage plates that can further incorporate your theme into a sweet, stylish finish. Choosing a great bakery to deliver an amazing creation is key and the talented Couture Cakes of Greenville can create the cake of your dreams for the celebration of a lifetime.

Want to know more? Book a Historic Hampton House 1908 tour, and let us help you plan your heritage chic wedding. Be inspired, and let's get creative together!

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