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Top Ten Wedding Trends of 2024

Updated: Feb 18

We've rounded up this year's favorites to make your own.

Southern wedding party laughing together

Weddings are epic. Couples have been crossing the threshold for centuries, and we love how traditions can come and go, but what stands the test of time is giving in to what you envision for the day your life together begins. Let in inspiration and find the freedom to personalize your celebration of a lifetime.

We've rounded up a few of our favorite wedding trends for 2024 and can't wait to see how Upstate couples will make them their own. Lean into love and dive into our Top Ten!

Floral dressed wedding guests

#1 - Dress Your Guest

Your wedding day will last long after the vows with incredible memories and lasting photos. Why not get your guests more involved and curate the entire wedding experience for everyone invited? Are you imagining a theme color everyone could wear, a vintage, heirloom-inspired affair, or timeless Southern-style looks? Make it fun and inspired for them, too!

First look of a bride and father-of-the-bride hugging

#2 - Kodachrome Dreams

Take it back on your wedding day to classic style photography and capture the incredible moments through the lens of an artistic storyteller. Explore area photographers and videographers (we're looking at you, Front Row Film Co.!) who have inspired portfolios that capture more than just posed images. For more candid style shots, have vintage-style Polaroid cameras (like the uber cool Lomo’Instant Mini) ready for your guests to capture even more details that will add to the memories of your day forever.

Couple kissing at Historic Hampton House 1908 with the bride in a mini wedding dress

#3 - Mini Magic

From mini gowns to mini ceremonies (check out our Lavender package) and mini-moons (next up!), we love an edited, condensed version of a little something extraordinary when it comes to weddings. More isn't always more, and simplify your big day to what could be amplified by being made smaller.

Love suite in Hampton House at Historic Hampton House 1908

#4 - Mini-Moon

Why settle for just one honeymoon when you can experience a mini-moon at Historic Hampton House 1908 in our huge Love suite after your wedding celebration? Stay with your wedding party as long as you want and retire to a luxurious oasis after. Settle into your married life and take a more extensive honeymoon later when you're both ready for a far-flung getaway.

white lace embossed three tier wedding cake with a pink peony

#5 -Piped Perfection

Heritage details give way to a world of possibilities on your wedding cake. We are seeing a resurgence of classic cake decorating artistry shining (hello, Butterbunnybakery!), and there is no better place to showcase a nod to "something old" with a super sweet throwback look on your cake.

Couple getting wedding ready in the Love suite at Historic Hampton House 1908

#6 -Take Time

Time to prepare yourself before the wedding day is a practice to celebrate. Are you dreaming of getting ready separately from your partner, with each of you enjoying time to lounge and linger with your nearest and dearest, or even spending some extra special, private time getting ready together before unveiling your wedding-ready selves to your guests? Have great snacks and drinks (or even a personal barista with Synergy Coffee), put on some music, and make it fun for both of you. All wedding packages at Historic Hampton House 1908 include "Ready Rooms," so dream up how you want to get ready for your big day.

Upstate wedding guests using a wedding photo booth

#7 -Value Entertainment

Music is at the top of your wedding day checklist, but entertaining your guests throughout the wedding can add more magic to the celebration. The Upstate area has many outstanding options that are unique to you and your dream wedding theme. Everything from upgraded photo booth options from Uptown Entertainment, a mobile cigar lounge like Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge, or a live sketch artist like Guilded Branch Studio will enhance the party for everyone.

Formal dining room rehearsal dinner in Hampton House at Historic Hampton House 1908

#8 -Rehearsal Dinner 2.0

You've worked hard on crafting a wedding day theme full of personality and magic, so why not extend it to the rehearsal dinner, too? Build on what you envision the wedding to be with a color or decor theme or hone in on a memorable experience that is unique to you as a couple, like recreating highlights of your parent's weddings or hosting a murder mystery dinner in our historic mansion with Greenville's The Dinner Detective. Have fun with it and make it unique.

Southern bridesmaids wearing matching pajamas at Historic Hampton House 1908

#9 -Day-After Lounge

A wedding is pure magic, and why not spend more time with the people you both love lounging together the next day? Historic Hampton House 1908 has overnight stay options for up to 14 guests and room to spread out in our chef's kitchen and lounge spaces instead of a more formal, traditional brunch. Drink coffee, hang out in your comfies, and relive the incredible night together.

Southern couple sharing a last dance at their wedding reception in the Carriage House at Historic Hampton House 1908

#10 -Best For Last

Change things up this year and spring for our favorite top ten wedding trend of 2024 and have a last dance instead of a more staged first dance that can feel contrived, stuffy, and maybe not so you. Close out the night to your song, surrounded by loved ones after a night full of celebrations because now, you're officially married!

Keep the wedding wheels turning and schedule a tour with us to plan the most epic wedding celebration ever!

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