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Micro wedding — say yes to no stress!

Make it short and sweet with a small-scale, micro wedding. Totally modern and simply effortless, a micro wedding is intimate, tailored, and made for couples craving a special celebration with only their closest family and friends. 

Looking for ideas to make your intimate wedding dreams a reality with a micro wedding? Learn more about the key points to focus on when crafting a small wedding and what pitfalls to avoid so the "big day" is done your way.

micro wedding couple in the Joy suite at Historic Hampton House 1908

Is a micro wedding for you?

A micro wedding is typically a celebration with 50 guests or less. It can be the perfect way for a couple to imagine saying "I Do" forever or hosting an intimate wedding first and then a more extensive celebration later. Start by narrowing down the dream details you both want on your wedding day and see if your vision fits a micro wedding.

Keep reading to learn more about budgeting factors when considering a small wedding, guest lists, dining, festivities, and, of course, what to wear!


Back of bride and groom holding hands

Honor your budget.

Keeping your finances in check is at the top of most couples' minds when diving head-first into wedding planning. What you set for a wedding budget is unique to you both, and it's best to build from what you have for the wedding of your dreams. A micro wedding typically costs less than a large wedding and can give you more creative opportunities to work within budget constraints due to less overall overhead. The fewer the guests, the more chance you have for other expenditures that are only sometimes possible with a small group, such as overnight stays, higher-end catering, and unique venue choices.

Outdoor wedding reception with a large farmhouse table

Simplify with a micro wedding sized guest list.

Your guest list is a significant indicator of what size wedding you are planning, and a small wedding of under 50 guests is a true micro wedding. Dwindling the headcount of guests can be challenging for most couples once you start finalizing your collective guest lists, so keep in mind who you both want to celebrate this ultra-special and deeply personal day with. It's essential to focus on what you want your wedding to be for you both and not for every person in your friend and family circles. A simple party sometime after the wedding can be the opportunity to invite more guests and celebrate your marriage without the stress of one huge day with everyone. 

Bride and groom having tacos from a taco truck

Feast on something fabulous.

Options for what to serve your guests at a small wedding are endless! Prioritize what you love and where your budget sits with decision-making on what to serve. Do you both love an intimate brunch, tacos from a taco truck, a classic Southern BBQ, or an al fresco, family-style Italian dinner under the stars? Historic Hampton House 1908 is all about customization and finding the best local vendors for the wedding you envision.

two grooms wearing white tuxedos

Wear what you want.

Options for what to wear for a micro wedding are wide open, too! It is your wedding day, and dressing how you dream is what this day is all about. Do you imagine wearing matching white suits, a retro mini dress, or simply barefoot in the grass together? A micro wedding can open up more varied style opportunities than the sometimes more elaborate choices that are best for a large ceremony. Wedding boutiques like Opal Bride and Madison Carolina are great local resources for dresses, and The Modern Groom online couldn't be easier (and quicker) to source a really great suit to treasure forever.

Couple on a mountain cliff top

Add in a mini-moon.

Opting for a micro wedding can open up the possibility of a mini-moon or staycation-style honeymoon after the wedding day. Historic Hampton House 1908 has a massive honeymoon suite, JOY, for stress-free accommodations without leaving the property. The Upstate area has so many options for unique activities, incredible nature, and modern dining while you enjoy some newly married time before embarking on your life together. 

Bride and groom wedding first kiss

Capture the moment forever.

Documenting your dream wedding is an essential cost to factor into a celebration of any size. Great photos of your special day, whether with only you and your partner or a massive celebration with family and friends, are beyond priceless. A talented photographer can capture beautiful moments that your uncle with an iPhone simply can't. We are happy to help you source talented local photographers like Sullivan Creative Co., Karlee Searcy Photography, or Jessica Kovach Photography, who can fit within your budget and style for (amazing!) photos that will last forever.

bride standing at a grand staircase in Historic Hampton House 1908

Details the (literal!) icing on the cake.

Flowers and decorations bring any event to life. Again, a small wedding opens up unique and simplified options that fit within your wedding style. A large wedding always equals bigger and more of everything, so set the tone of the event you want to create with blooms, cake, and decorations that simplify your ideas, like a seasonal theme that extends to the flowers you choose, a color theme to tie into your wedding cake design or a gorgeous heritage staircase to walk down in the Hampton House mansion at Historic Hampton House 1908.

Ready to start planning your micro wedding? Get in touch with us to talk through your ideas and book a tour to view the celebration spaces available for small weddings, overnight lodging accommodations, and inclusive wedding packages.

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